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    Brock Royal Family Founder, First to Own Most Expensive Car in The World in Africa

    Prestigious family, the Brock Royal Family remains the first family in Africa to own the most expensive car in the world - Maybach Exelero.

    The $8m worth Mercedes top range sports car generated discussions in the media space following the exceptional attention the American and Canadian Embassies accorded its arrival in Ghana.

    To the Brock Royal family founder, who is also the CEO of a chain of multi national companies, the value of the Maybach Exelero comes no where close to musician Davido's newly-acquired Maybach S680 worth Virgil Abloh Edition.

    And responding to why people are making a lot of 'noise'  about the Nigerian musician's car the young CEO declined saying, "I don't compete with boys."

    Records suggest that only ten of  the $8m worth Maybach Exelero was manufactured world wide, with Jay Z, as one of the few owners.

    The one owned by the Brock Royal Family founder is the only one in Africa and was acquired bought from Microsoft giant  Bill Gates' business associate.

    Recently, Forbes published the Brock Royal Family as one of the top five richest families in Ghana.

    The $8m  worth sports ride  stirred two foreign embassies to react, and as a result  tracked  its destination.

    The operation search mounted by the two embassies in Accra tracked the car at Trasacco  in one of the fleet of  houses  belonging to the owner of the  customized sports  car in question-founder and father of the Brock royal family. 

    It was revealed that  about 30 luxurious cars  were parked  at  the  plush  Trasacco mansion during the search. 

    Consequently, the car was impounded by security officials from the embassies on Tuesday but later  released it on Sunday after realizing how wealthy the Brock royal family is .

    It has also emerged  that the Brock royal family owns several properties in Ghana and abroad worth millions of dollars.

    Ghana has benefited from the charity works of the Brock royal family for close to two decades and counting.

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