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    NDC branch executives attack Mahama over ‘proxy campaign’

    Following a calling out of President Mahama over highfalutin claims by one of his boys, Kofi Adams, that he (Mahama) privately funded the feeding and transportation of delegates who voted in the National Democratic Congress (NDC’s) national executives election, some branch executives have added their voice to the condemnation.

    The group of executives, led by Comrade Francis Anyidoho, have said that the claim by Kofi Adams is the latest of a campaign of lies that the former President has been prosecuting by proxy.

    “The fingerprints of Mr. Mahama was all over the campaign by Kofi Adams at the Accra Sports Stadium during the national executives election of our party over the weekend.

    “This proxy campaign is disingenuous and must be stopped because it unnecessarily creates a beggarly image of our great party, undermines the contribution of others and makes Mr. John Mahama a false hero,” the executives said in a mini statement.

    The statement was signed by Mr. Francis Anyidoho, Branch Executive for Down City.

    It is in response to claims by Mr. Kofi Adams said during the NDC national executives conference in Accra over the weekend that the feeding and transportation of all delegates was sponsored single handedly by former President John Mahama.

    Without mentioning figures, Kofi Adams made the claim while addressing the crowd at the Sports stadium in Accra.

    Many have seen the claim as a deliberate sucker punch against former Finance Minister, Dr. Kwabena Duffuor, who has made intentions clear to contest for the 2024 presidential ticket of the NDC which Mr. Mahama wants to contest again.

    One of thems is former executive of the Tema East branch of the party, Stephen Ashitey Adjei who has accused Mahama of hiding behind people to sell lies to the party’s masses in quest for a polished image so he can win the 2024 presidential primary.
    Moshake who cited that Kofi Adams’ claim is only the latest of such lies after Sammy Gyamfi, National Communications Officer had earlier claimed that Mr. Mahama had sponsored the party with GHC2 million, called Kofi Adams. 

    Concurring with Moshake, the Branch Executives pointed out that it could not be true that Mr. Mahama alone sponsored the delegates because the party has enough money to undertake it easily.

    “Like some of our comrades, including Moshke, have pointed out, we have over 31 branches across the country and all of these branches pay dues and so how come today they are telling us that it had to take John Mahama to give us money to pay our debts to the EC and also to sponsor delegates conference? Where is all the money that we raise from dues?”

    They warned that, “the discrimination in favor of helping Mahama win the 2024 ticket is dangerous because it has the potential to divide the NDC’s front if supporters and admirers of pother potential candidates, especially Dr. Kwabena Duffuor feel mistreated by leaders of the party.”

    They therefore called on all party executives to, “stop the Mahama propaganda by means of half-truths and lies for the sake of the health of the party.”

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