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    Kumchacha And Counsellor Lutterodt Dirty Themselves As They Spark New Beef

    Counsellor George Lutterodt and his ‘meeter’, Prophet Kumchacha, clashed once again after appearing together on radio.

    The two were panellists for the Best Entertainment Show on Okay Fm during a discussion on s*x.

    Kumchacha, who spoke first, claimed it is a sin to shout out the name of God during s*xual activity.

    He said: “You are not serious if you mention Jesus’ name, the Holy Spirit’s name during the process of getting your orgasm, it simply means you are not a serious person. You don’t mention Jesus’ name in such duties, the bible says don’t mention His name in vain. Jesus is not the person sleeping with you. We don’t use God’s name in such a disrespectful manner. Jesus has nothing to do with having your orga*m”

    However, Lutterodt denied the claim during his submission and said Kumchacha’s teaching is harmful and an indication there is something wrong with him.

    “That lie preached by pastors and men of God is harming God’s children which He blessed with sex. Jesus’ name is used in everything including sex. There’s no restriction in using God’s name. How can you say that when somebody is enjoying sexual intercourse and mentions Jesus or God, they will go to hell for sinning against God, what is wrong with you?” he fumed.

    These two guys clashed a few years ago when Kumchacha attempted to deliver whatever evil spirits are plaguing Lutterodt and since then, their every interaction is a blast!

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