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    GH man drags and trolls Joe Mettle’s wife for developing a big tummy just after a single birth

    In a surprising turn of events, the wife of renowned Gospel musician Joe Mettle, Mrs. Selassie Dzisa Mettle, has found herself at the centre of social media scrutiny over her physical appearance.

    The criticism centres on changes in her body shape after childbirth, sparking a debate about societal expectations, body image, and empathy.

    The harsh criticisms aimed at Mrs. Selassie Dzisa Mettle’s appearance, particularly her post-childbirth body have given rise to a hot conversation piece on the internet.

    Critics have taken issue with what they perceive as a change in her body shape, particularly her “big tummy.”

    Joe Mettle receives special treat from wife on birthday

    It all began when Joe Mettle shared an innocent and heartwarming video of himself and his wife chilling in New York.

    Critics immediately took to the comments section of the video to express their disappointment over the perceived loss of Mrs Selassie’s pre-pregnancy figure.

    According to these trolls, Mrs Selassie’s big tummy isn’t attractive hence she should work on her body.

    One netizen for instance commented – I don’t know how to say this but if ure a lady and you marry try to work on yourself to look the same like how the man saw u at first…elseee

    @giftydm – Looking like Abena korkor

    iamrukky_mumin – If you like, attack me but women are so fond of this. Once they get married, they just allow their bodies to deform. This lady’s body looked better when she got married. Now see the stomach

    @Akua666 – Mani so mpo brim me.fter just one child.

    apabi_ – Women should maintain their bodies. Fair enough but what about the guys who marry with very flat tummies and later inflate them to become like balloons. Shouldn’t they also work on their bodies???


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