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    Trending video of Rev Obofour chilling in the club

    Reverend Obofour, a respected Ghanaian clergyman has found himself in the midst of controversy following his attendance at the “All Black Party” event organized by Ridge Condos Ghana.

    The esteemed man of God, known for his religious teachings, has raised eyebrows on social media for participating in an event that appears to contradict his teachings against certain worldly activities.

    The “All Black Party” event, which has garnered significant attention on social media, has become a focal point of debate following the virality of Rev Obofour’s video.

    Rev Obofour’s presence at the event has sparked discussions about the perceived incongruity between his teachings and his actions.

    Rev Obofour

    As a man of God who has preached against activities such as clubbing, his attendance at an event associated with a party atmosphere has led some to question whether his actions align with his spiritual teachings.

    In the trending video from the event, Rev Obofour can be seen interacting with attendees, including rapper Ypee, and even participating in a performance by spraying cash on the rapper during his performance.

    The video has elicited a range of reactions, with many social media users expressing surprise, disappointment, and even outrage over what they perceive as a departure from the expected conduct of a religious leader.

    Critics have argued that the clergyman’s actions, captured in the video, contradict the principles he espouses in his teachings.

    The discrepancy between the pulpit and the party has ignited a flurry of comments from netizens who have expressed their views on the matter.


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