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    They’ve acted foolishly! – Sonnie Badu reacts as miners find and flaunt ‘largest gold ore’ in Ghana

    Rev. Sonnie Badu has reacted to a viral video of illegal miners who dug up what is said to be the largest gold ore in Ghana.

    In the said video, a group of five young men, believed to be illegal miners were seen at the site lifting up the heavy ore with excitement registered on their faces.

    According to reports, they uncovered the mineral while excavating a mining site in an area believed to be situated in the Ashanti Region.

    They helped each other with enthusiasm as they successfully lifted the ‘gold’ which appeared heavy in the video making rounds on social media.

    However, some individuals are fascinated by the discovery, while others have wondered why they did not keep such good news to themselves.

    They questioned why these young men chose to expose such a feat to the public, adding, that the authorities would find them, take away the mineral, and offer them a little cut or nothing for it.

    Sonnie Badu who also shares in this narrative took to the comment section and wrote in Akan, “Jesus, nkrofo nadi nkwasias3m” which translates to “Jesus! they have acted foolishly.”

    Watch the video below:


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