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    Police suspend interdiction of COP Mensah, Supt. Asare and Supt. Gyebi

    The Ghana Police Service has suspended the interdiction of three senior officers, who were implicated in a leaked tape allegedly plotting the removal of the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Dr George Akuffo Dampare.

    The police in a statement dated September 7, indicated that the decision to suspend the interdiction of the three police officers was to ensure it does not affect the ongoing probe by Parliament.

    The statement added that the Service would commence disciplinary proceedings into the officers’ conduct upon the completion of the parliamentary probe.

    “Following the interdiction of COP/Mr George Alex Mensah, Supt/Mr Emmanuel Eric Gyebi and Supt/Mr George Lysander Asare in connection with the leaked audio tape, the Police Administration would commence disciplinary proceedings into their conduct upon completion of the ongoing probe by Parliament.”

    “In order not to prejudice the ongoing probe, the Police administration has suspended their interdiction.”

    COP Alex Mensah, Superintendent George Asare, and Superintendent Emmanuel Eric Gyebi were interdicted on Thursday, September 7, after a leaked tape captured them plotting to oust the IGP with former NPP Northern Regional Chairman, Bugri Naabu.

    During his appearance before the parliamentary committee, COP Mensah accused the IGP, Dr George Akuffo Dampare, of mismanaging the Police Service.

    He claimed that the IGP’s leadership has led to a decline in morale among police officers.

    COP Mensah also admitted to being involved in politics and working in the interest of a political party, although he did not disclose which party it was.

    His comments align with similar sentiments expressed in the leaked tape, where he can be heard saying that the IGP must be removed to ensure the victory of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the 2024 elections.

    However, COP Mensah strongly refuted the authenticity of the tape, claiming that it had been doctored and did not accurately reflect the original conversation with Daniel Bugri Naabu.

    Supt Asare also noted that portions of the tape were doctored and accused the IGP of plotting the audio recording when he appeared before the committee.

    The investigation into the leaked audio, however, took a new turn on Monday after a fresh tape emerged.

    This revelation came to light after COP George Mensah and Supt. George Asare testified that portions of the original tape in evidence were doctored.

    The Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee probing the incident, Samuel Atta Akyea, disclosed this information to the media after Monday’s proceedings.

    He stated that the committee would decide whether to hold an in-camera hearing or not, based on the evidence presented.

    The Chairman went on to explain that the committee would listen to the tape and read the transcript to determine the next steps.

    He added that they may call on all stakeholders to attend a hearing with their lawyers for cross-examination and cross-firing to take place.

    However, the committee will also be cautious of national security implications and may hold an in-camera hearing for sensitive matters.

    “We have the benefit of a tape, on the assumption that it’s authentic. Members of the committee will have to listen to the tape and read the transcript, which will give us ideas on what to do next. First of all, do we bring all the stakeholders together with their lawyers for cross-examination and cross-firing to take place, while listening attentively? And then, after they have finished, will we have our turn?”

    “And then, are there matters which should not come into the public domain because of national security implications? So we will hold a long in-house or in-camera hearing, and then we will make some sense of it. This is how we are going to proceed. We will be guided strongly by the fact that this is not a simple exercise and that not everything should be fed to the public.”

    The sitting has been adjourned indefinitely while the committee deliberates on the way forward. The development of a new tape has introduced an interesting twist to the investigation.


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