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    Mahama is Not Even a Presidential Material - Titus Glover

    Following the dismissal of former president John Mahama as a politician below the league of Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia, by the New Patriotic Party’s constituency Chairman for Tema East, more taunt is being directed at Mr. Mahama.

    This time, the sucker punch is from the Managing Director of the Volta Aluminium Company (VALCO), Daniel Nii Kwartei Titus Glover.

    “It is even charitable to say that Bawumia is far better than John Mahama if you ask me; because I think Mahama is actually not even a good presidential material,” said Titus Glover.

    He made the comment while speaking to journalists who had asked him his opinion about the declaration by Nene Ofoe Teyechu Agbadiagba lV that Dr. Bawumia is far better than Mr. John Mahama.

    Both the VALCO boss and the Tema East constituency Chairman were speaking to journalists on the sidelines of the popular acclamation of the Tema Metropolitan Chief Executive, Hon. Yohane Amarh Ashitey, as the NPP’s Parliamentary candidate for Tema East in the 2024 election.

    According to Titus Glover, proof to his point lies in the fact that when he was Vice President, Mahama was more prominent and effective than when he became president.

    “Were you not in this country when Mahama was Vice President under Mills and enjoyed so much free room to represent Mills in many places, did you not see that he looked to be very effective and presidential. However, when he became president he was a complete shadow of what he was as Vice President?” Titus Glover asked rhetorically.

    Then answering himself, he said the reason he looked so effective as Vice President was because he was benefitting from walking in the good shadows of Mills.

    “Prof. Mills was brilliant as president; he was the one behind the infrastructural development that Mahama would later take credit for. It was under Mills that inflation reduced to single digit. But Mills was a laid back president, and so it looked like Mahama was the resourceful brains behind the good development,” Titus Glover said.

    According to him, “But immediately Mahama became president after Mills’ death in office, we began seeing him for what he really was -dumsor, high inflation and the dead goat syndrome,” Titus Glover said.

    The VALCO boss said Mahama’s poor performance as president was what exposed him as someone who was not a presidential material.

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