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    The dance helped make ‘Terminator’ more popular – King Promise

    Ghanaian Highlife musician, King Promise, has said that the dance in his thriving song titled ‘Terminator’ made it more popular.

    According to him, most Ghanaians are enthused about the choreography in the video of the song, and that has helped the music to attain higher heights in the country and beyond.

    The Highlife artiste commended the dancers in the music video for their performance and indicated that it was a blessing to have them on board because he barely features dancers in his dongs.

    In an interview with JoyPrime at Mr. Eazi’s ‘Evil Genius’ Album Listening Party on Thursday, September 14, 2023, King Promise disclosed that music, arts, and dance are intertwined hence the combination of the three forces makes songs more vibrant and appealing to the public.

    “Yeah, it [the dance] has helped my song [Terminator] ten thousand percent, It has. Like even when I hear the song, I want to dance. So it is like it goes hand-in-hand,” he said.

    “Music, arts, and dance, the funny thing is they are intertwined. When these forces come together it’s powerful, so I respect all the dancers it was only right and perfect that we had a dance for this because I don’t really do that [featuring dance in music videos] a lot.”

    He further stated “So there was something about the song. I felt like it would go with one [dance] and look at what is happening. So yes, it’s a blessing.”


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