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    5 ways Kennedy Agyapong campaigned for Mahama and NDC at Show Down Walk

    Flagbearer hopeful of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) Kennedy Agyapong seem to be making the campaign message of the National Democratic Congress much easier.

    The unconventional NPP known for “rough talking” is essentially arming the NDC leader by their flagbearer John Dramani Mahama.

    Addressing participants of his fitness tour of Accra dubbed “Show Down Walk” MP said the following;

    NPP lost election 2024 in 2022

    In his speech, Agyapong asserted that the NPP lost the election for 2024 in 2022 due to the depreciation of the cedi and the effects of the Domestic Debt Exchange scheme, which destroyed middle-class and elderly savings.

    “We lost the 2024 elections in 2022. At the time the Ghana cedi destroyed the hard work of many businessmen, all the way to the tomato seller. Ghanaians will never forget that.

    “The time the middle class went to court because their monies were lost, and the time the pensioners had their monies gone, Ghanaians will remember that,” he stated.

    Slots in police being sold to party people

    “You are a delegate, they’ve asked us to be mute but I will speak, because if your child is going to look for a job and you can be asked to bring 10,000 cedis before your child would be recruited into the police…

    “These same people are coming to you seeking your votes, so that your children remain jobless,” Agyapong jabbed without addressing the specific persons he was referring to as “they.”

    He continued by praising his own track record of creating jobs, emphasizing how well he distinguished out from the other NPP flagbearer candidates.

    Ghana needs pragmatic leaders not theorists and talkers

    “If Ghana will prosper, it needs pragmatic leaders not theorists who bombard you with big English repeatedly even when you are poor.

    “We need a local language speaking leader who will speak in clear terms and also work to ensure you have money in your pocket,” Agyapong said stressing that as a businessman and politician he had the perfect leadership traits and balance to turn Ghana around.

    Misuse of resources led us to IMF

    “God has blessed us with so much that if we took proper care of them, there would be no need to go to the foreigners for help,” he stated.

    This is a covert barb at the government’s ongoing program with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which has already delivered the first installment of a US$3 billion bailout, or US$600 million.

    Youth unemployment is rising

    “Ghanaians are ready to give Kennedy Agyapong a chance, the onus is now on New Patriotic Party (NPP) members to elect Ken Agyapong to rescue Ghana for young people to get jobs.

    “A country with a youth who have a bleak future is no country,” he stated in a speech that was punctuated with his jobs record and how he would tackle unemployment.


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