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    Kufuor Misled Alan, In Agenda To Become Shadow President Under Mahama - Moshake

    A former executive of the Tema East constituency branch of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has attributed the shocking break-away of former Trade Minister, Alan Kyerematen, from the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to nothing but Alan’s dance to the rhythm of a puppet master.

    Stephen Ashitey Adjei, alias Moshake, says Alan’s decision is a key move in a plan B that is unfolding after that puppet master failed to get Alan onto the NPP’s presidential ticket for 2024 in a grand scheme to get at least one of two political godsons to become president in 2024.

    That puppet master, Moshake labels as former president John Agyakum Kufuor. And in addition to Alan, Kufuor’s other godson is former President John Mahama.

    “Kufuor wants to become shadow president by all means in 2024 but the original plan to have Alan on the NPP’s presidential ticket and John Mahama on the NDC’s presidential ticket is half-baked now because while Mahama became flagbearer in NDC, Alan failed to clinch the NPP ticket,” Moshake wrote in an analyses published on social media.

    Consequently, according to Moshake, “Kufuor is now uniting his efforts to ensure that John Mahama becomes president at all cost. Naturally, this has relegated Alan to the role of a rubble rouser in the NPP.”

    The former NDC constituency executive said the plan now is to use Alan to sabotage the political campaign of the NPP in order to pave way for Mahama to become president. 

     The analysis has since been trending hotly on social media, evoking debates and controversies.

    According to Moshake, former President Kufuor has been a political godfather to both John Mahama and Alan Kyerematen since his days as President. “Kufuor is connected to Mahama through Mahama’s stepmother while his connection to Alan is avuncular – Alan calls him uncle.”

    He pointed out that it had been Kufuor’s desire for Alan to become President after his tenure as president ended in 2009. However, Akufo-Addo, who was then a candidate, had managed to fight the Kufuor agenda to become flagbearer.

    “The aim was to become a shadow president who would remote control Alan if Alan became president, however, the stars did not align for Kufuor because Akufo-Addo was too tough to put down.”

    Moshake said Kufuor however became lucky when three years into Mills’ presidency, he died and Mahama became president. “In President Mahama, Kufuor had the opportunity to be shadow president and he did,” Moshake wrote adding that it was Kufuor who misadvised Mahama into making many blunders in office as president.

    “It was the same Kufuor who advised Mahama to run for president again when Mahama had earlier given up after the 2016 election,” Moshake wrote.

    However, “again, just after Mahama’s one term in office, Akufo-Addo in 2016 won the presidential election and removed Mahama, marking the second time Akufo-Addo was denying Kufuor the opportunity to be shadow president behind a godson president.”

    Akufo-Addo, he said would repeat the same feat in 2020. “This frustrated Kufuor and so in order to ensure that in 2024 he becomes shadow president at all cost, he plotted to have his godsons as presidential candidates of the two main parties, NPP and NDC. The NDC plan succeeded with Mahama becoming flagbearer again but the NPP one fell through when Alan failed to perform creditably during the super delegates conference of the NPP.”

    Moshake added that after that conference, Kufuor had seen clearly that the Alan flagbearership project would not succeed and so he advised Alan to resign from the NPP.”

    According to him, prior to the super delegates conference, Alan had been offered the opportunity to be running mate to Bawumia but Kufuor advised him not to accept because the former President was bent on ensuring that one of his godsons become president.

    “So Kufuor misled Alan, first to not accept the NPP running mate offer, and second, to resign from the NPP and form his own party with which he can sabotage the NPP’s presidential campaign so that John Mahama can become president,” Moshake wrote.

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