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    Watch US President Joe Biden attending striking workers’ picket

    US president Joe Biden was in the state of Michighan for just about an hour on September 26, 2023 but the impact was felt as he joined a picket.

    It is believed to be the first time an American president has joined a picket in the country’s history, something previously done by presidential candiates.

    The protest is by around 13,000 auto workers who are demanding a raft of interventions, key among them a 40% pay rise.

    In an address to the protesters, Biden hailed the strength of the auto industry in saving the American economy in 2008 and that having sacrificed for the survival of the industry years back, it is time for them to also benefit, meaning he agreed with their concerns.

    The report said it is likely that his policy position on their concerns will be favourable even as employers will also be forced to make compromises with their striking employees.


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