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    Serious Tension brews in Tema Manhean

    There is serious tension that is snow balling in Tema Manhean over what  some clan houses are describing as existential crisis due to the indiscriminate sale of lands belonging to the indigenes of Tema.

    According to information that is making the rounds in the Harbour City, the indigenes there are increasingly contemplating an upheaval in response to they, being dispossessed of their hometown lands.

    Some members of the “Obuor We” and “Adjei Tse We” clans for instance, have said that they may soon be constrained to physically confront some  people over the indiscriminate sale of their lands.

    “These people are mainly members of the so-called Teshie Caucus at the Tema Traditional Council, ”explained an angry member of the Obuor We clan who spoke on condition of anonymity.

    “For along  time we have observed these strangers use dirty tricks to sell our lands to another kinsman of theirs from Teshie and now we think that enough is enough”,continued the anonymous clan member.

    The so called Teshie Caucus at the Tema Traditional Council is said to be composed of some indigenes of Teshie, who happen to have become members of the Tema  Traditional Council as a result of years of integration into the Tema society after their forebearer had migrated from Teshie to Tema to practice masonry or laying of bricks.

    It is alleged that this caucus  has now become a corrupt cabal within the Tema Traditional Council (TTC) which is looting and squandering resources meant for indigenes including their lands.

    According to the aggrieved source, the way they operate is that they connive  with the  Tema Development Corporation to take hold of  the lands and sell them.

    “Recently, a place  where Ewe  settlers have long been smoking  their fish was demolished at their behest and after the Ewes had been driven  out, the caucus sold the lands  to  their kinsman,” the angry Obuor We clan member said.

    Pointing  out that thel  ands being  sold are the hometown lands of the indigenes of Tema, he said that what the Teshie caucus is doing is perpetrating an existential crisis. “Where are we supposed to go to when the last plot of land is sold?” he asked rhetorically.

    The anonymous source said the caucus have no right to sell Manhean lands because apart from the lands being the birthright of the people, the TTC itself is just supposed to be  custodians of the lands and not the owners.

    “Tema Manhean lands are especially exempt from sale to persons who are not indigenes because what we have now is what is left of our lands, most of which Government took and used to build the Tema harbour, the heavy industrial area and the Tema township,” the source said.

    Meanwhile, another source from the “Adjei Tse We” clan of Tema has adlibbed the words of the source from the “Obuor We” clan warning that soon the clans will arise and demand accountability.

    “It is not  only our lands that the Teshie cabal is selling away without accounting for, the cabal has also  not been accounting for donations that are made to the people of Tema. They for  instance have  seized public toilets that VALCO built for the people as part of its corporate social responsibility.  They have hijacked these toilets and are not accounting for the  proceeds that a regenerated,” it said.

    The source added  that the same cabal hijacks donations that companies in Tema make towards festivals including the Kpeledzoo andHomowo festivals.

    “In 2020, the Tema Mantse, Nii Adjei KrakuII passed on  and in 2022,we  held his  funeral. As usual companies  donated huge sums of   money and other things towards the funeral but up  to date, only the cabal  knows what they used that donation for,”  it said.

    The same Teshie cabal, it said,  recently held a meeting with the Chinese  owners of an oil refinery  that  has been  setup in Tema, Sentuo, on the  blindside of everybody and till date the nature of a MoU that they signed with Sentuo is only known to the cabal.

    “We have heard that Sentuo say they want to build storey building houses for us in Tema, however, the cabal seems to be doing every thing they can to put themselves in position to grab these houses, ” the source added.

    It  reiterated that Tema Manhean lands belong to the indigenes and can only be sold to indigenes warning that the “Adjei Tse We” clan  and other clan houses will soon arise to demand accountability.

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