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    Bawumia May Give Mahama a Show Down in 2024 -Moshake

    A former executive of the Tema East constituency branch of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has expressed concern that the NDC may indeed be treated to a showdown in the 2024 elections, even though the elections is for the NDC to lose.

    In his first commentary following the landslide election of Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia as the ruling New Patriotic Party’s presidential candidate for the 2024 election, Mr. Stephen Ashitey Adjei, alias Moshake, says that the causes for worry for NDC are mainly two fold.

    “Number one, is the problems and taints associated with the Mahama brand, while the number two is the charisma of Dr. Bawumia and the momentum that he has sparked with his landslide victory in the NPP’s presidential primary,” Moshake wrote.

    Explaining, he pointed out that unlike Bawumia who has had all internal hurdles against him ironed out, “as reflected in his landslide win,” John Mahama still has many internal hurdles against him because he has offended so many people within the party.”

    He cites the fact that pro-Rawlings people within the party have not forgiven Mahama for the shabby treatment he gave late former president Jerry John Rawlings.

    “Within the NDC, closure has not been given to the impasse between Mahama and Rawlings and that is why we still do not have Nana Konadu, Rawlings’ wife, on board.
    These rifts mean that all pro-Rawlings factions in the party are not on board the Mahama campaign and may actually work against our campaign,” Moshake wrote.

    Second, he added, is the fact that many in the NPP still consider John Mahama as an NPP mole of sorts in the NDC because of his close relationship with former President Kufuor who controls him as his political godfather. 

    “Another unkind factor in as far as Mahama’s campaign is concerned is that he is still not in the good books of Ghanaian workers, who see him as an agent of neglect and hardships because of what they experienced under him,” Moshake wrote.

    He points out that teachers and Nurses whose training allowances were withdrawn by the erstwhile Mahama government have still not forgiven him and the NDC.

    “As for the former workers of the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority whose severance benefits remain unpaid to this day in spite of the fact that late former President John Atta Mills had issued a fiat for them to be paid, they, their families and friends will vote against John Mahama because they see Mahama as the villain who refused to carry through Mills’ wishes” Moshake wrote.

    From the Bawumia angle, Moshake points out that because he is a northerner just like John Mahama, Dr. Bawumia will really upset the NDC’s stronghold in the north.

    “I think already, the voting trends from the NPP’s presidential primary was clear enough – Dr. Bawumia swept all Northern votes, including in his hometown, Wale Wale where he swept all the votes that had been cast leaving nothing for Ken Agyapong and the other candidates. 

    “The indication is that, the regions in Northern Ghana are more than eager to vote for Dr. Bawumia in the 2024 election. This is seriously worrying for the NDC because if we lose Northern Ghana then we lose the election.” Moshake analysed.

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