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    Israel vs Hamas: We must win this war; it is time to free Gaza – Israeli Ambassador to Ghana

    The Israeli Ambassador to Ghana, Shlomit Sufa, has stated emphatically that her country, Israel, must win the ongoing war with the Islamic extremist group, Hamas.

    Speaking in a yet-to-be-aired episode of The LowDown on GhanaWeb TV, the ambassador explained why this war must not end without a victory for Israel.

    She said that one of the reasons Israel must win is that destroying Hamas now is the only way to avert future attacks on Israelis and other innocent foreign nationals.

    “This war is about exercising Israel’s right and obligation to self-defence, to defend its civilians. And those who do not want to see another war need to understand that in order to prevent another war, we need to win this war.

    “We can’t have these people… people who take pleasure in killing at point blank, entire families… decapitate people; rape, torture and burn people alive… This terrorist if we do not win this war, if we are not able, if we are stopped from winning this war and totally eradicating their military capability, it would only exist and set a timer for another escalation, another war, more misery, more suffering,” she told GhanaWeb’s Daniel Oduro.

    She added, “I think all of us, we have had enough. It is time to free Gaza from Hamas.”

    Hamas fighters breached the Gaza border with Israel and killed some 1,400 Israelis on October 7, 2023, prompting an unprecedented scale of bombardment of the Palestinian enclave.

    According to aljazeera.com, Israel’s relentless bombardment of Gaza has so far killed 8,500 Palestinian civilians, including more than 3,500 children, as at Friday, November 3, 2023.


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