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    Cecilia Dapaah drags OSP to Supreme Court

    The former Minister of Sanitation and Water Resources, Cecilia Dapaah, has filed an injunction against the Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) at the Supreme Court of Ghana regarding the ongoing investigation against her by the office.

    In the application filed at the apex court of the land which has been sighted by GhanaWeb, Cecilia Dapaah through her lawyers is seeking that the Supreme Court stops the OSP from taking further steps that infringe on her rights.

    The former minister stated she was forced to file the injunction because the OSP has made prejudicial statements against her and engaged in arbitrary conduct since the beginning of the investigation.

    “PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that this Honourable Court will be moved by VICTORIA BARTH ESQ., Counsel for and on behalf of the Applicant/Applicant herein praying this Honourable Court for an Order of Interlocutory Injunction restraining the Respondent/Respondent herein, his officers, assigns and servants, whomsoever or otherwise howsoever from taking any step that will adversely affect or prejudice the Applicants/Applicants’ rights including their right to a fair trial, their right to protection from deprivation of property, and their right to administrative justice, until the final determination of this suit, upon the grounds set out in the accompanying affidavit and for any further order(s) as this court may deem fit,” part of the court document reads.

    She added that the court must stop the OSP from further investigating her until the determination of a case filed in court to stop the office from continuing their investigation against her and “her husband for corruption or corruption related offences”.

    The Supreme Court set Monday, November 13, 2023, to hear the application.


    Cecilia Dapaah is currently under investigation by the OSP for corruption and corruption-related offences after two of her houses helps have been charged for stealing more than $1 million, €300,000 in cash and other valuable items from her residence at Abelemkpe.

    The OSP for a second time froze the accounts of the embattled former minister effective September 5, 2023, after an Accra High Court directed the office to unfreeze the accounts and investment of the former minister, Cecilia Dapaah and return her seized monies, after an initial freeze order.

    GhanaWeb, on August 9, 2023, reported that the embattled former Minister of Sanitation and Water Resources, Cecilia Dapaah’s assets and bank accounts containing millions of dollars and cedis had been frozen by the Office of the Special Prosecutor.

    On October 16, 2023, the OSP revoked the freez order on 5 of the bank accounts belonging to Cecilia Dapaah.

    The office indicated that although it has released 5 of the bank accounts, the freezing order is still in force and effect in respect of the other bank accounts and financial assets of the embattled former minister.


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