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    Cecilia Marfo’s Church not built on the tower of God’s word – Diana Asamoah

    It would be recalled that Gospel Musician, Cecilia Marfo, in a recent interview, blamed businessman, Kennedy Agyapong and colleague musician Diana Asamoah for the near collapse of her church.

    Responding to the allegations levelled against her, Diana Asamoah indicated that it is clear the church is not built on the word of God.

    She is of the view that it will be better for the remaining church members to leave because God does not exist in the church.

    Diana Asamoah said instead of blaming others and playing victim, Cecilia Marfo should rather change her ways and seek the face of God because that is the only way she can be saved.

    “She always does this when she has a program to promote so that people will sympathize with her. She did that the other time, and she’s doing that this time around. I will suggest that the remaining people in her church leave because the church is not built on the strong tower of the most high God.

    If she knew the Bible, she would not have even cried. Even Jesus when he started his Ministry had 120 people, but the number was reduced to 72 and later to 12. Jesus never cried. The only time he cried was during the death of Lazarus. So if you’re losing your members you should rather look at reading Jeremiah 6:16,” she said.


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