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    I’ve walked out of my 8-year-old marriage – Mimi Andani Michaels

    Golden Movie Awards founder, Mimi Andani Michaels, has officially announced that her marriage of eight years has ended.

    In a long Instagram post on November 15, she disclosed having been divorced for over a year now.

    Without disclosing what prompted the decision, Mimi said she and her husband, Nana Michaels, are now focused on co-parenting without letting their issues affect their only child.

    She said the announcement had become necessary because she is still being introduced as “Mrs Michaels” at events.

    Mimi said she dislikes the fact that people form ideas in their head and look at her with shock when they spot her at certain places with male friends in a comfortable position, hence her decision to make her divorce public.

    Mimi has announced that henceforth people should simply refer to her as ‘Mimi Andani’

    “It would have been totally unnecessary to do this but being in the media space and having to explain myself at every move I make is becoming tiring, so, I will like to bring to your notice that I, Mimi Andani is no longer the wife of Nana Michaels.,we have actually been divorced for close to a year now and was separated for more than a year before finalizing our divorce. Having cleared this, I will be glad if everyone refers to me as Simply Mimi or Marvella Maame and in the case of official spaces, Mimi Andani

    “This notice has become important because most of our clients, associates and friends will call me randomly talking about something I am not privy to, people will see me at events and scream Mrs Michaels, when I am introduced at corporate spaces I am always introduced as Mrs Michaels etc.

    “Importantly people look at me with a shock when they see me at places/events with male friends in a certain comfortable position and I don’t want people forming ideas and making conclusions about me for lack of information, protecting my corporate image is important to me.

    “Therefore, please note that my 8yrs marriage has come to an end fortunately or unfortunately. My ex-husband and I, are amicably giving the only child between us all the love and support a child needs from her parent and we try as much as possible to separate our issues from our child! So far, so good!” her post read.

    Mimi’s struggle with childbearing issues that almost ruined her life and took her marriage

    Earlier this year, Mimi, during an interview with Zionfelix opened up on her bitter childbearing encounter that sunk her into a dark space.

    The musician cum entrepreneur who struggled to have a child for years after tying the knot with her husband in 2016 said she went through a series of complications that nearly cost her life and marriage.

    Narrating her encounter that made her suicidal, Mimi said her struggles with miscarriages, IVF’s and so on took the spark out of her life.

    She said at a point her husband even contemplated having a child outside marriage.


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