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    Tema Central Residents Celebrate MP over Development Projects

    Constituents of Tema Central in the Greater Accra region are celebrating the resourcefulness of their Member of Parliament, Hon. Yves Hanson Nii Noi Nortey after what they say is a very positive review of his stewardship for the past three years.

    From infrastructure to education, through to the creation of employment, residents ticked every variable positive as they spoke to journalists about their desire to retain their MP in the next coming elections in 2024.

    “As a constituent of Tema for the past 35 years, I can tell you that for the very first time in a long while I can confidently say I am seeing the dividends from voting into parliament a resourceful member of parliament,” said Daniel Benny, equipment operator at the Meridian Port Services and resident of Tema, Community 8. 

    According to him, schools in the constituency have seen upgrade while crime has reduced drastically due to the vigilance of the MP and the Police.

    “If you go to Community 8, you will see a brand-new school block that is coming up. This is the latest of the educational infrastructure that our MP has been bolstering the constituency with.

    Again, the Tema Community 8 Police Barracks floor is being put in good shape for them and hopefully this will also be completed soon,” Mr. Daniel Benny said at a well-attended news conference in Tema community 8 on Friday. 
    He also praised the MP for an astro turf that is in the pipeline for the constituency saying it will provide the youth in the constituency who are talented in football the platform to put their talents on display.

    “I am no kid in governance and know that under normal circumstances, all of these infrastructural developments ought to have come from the Metropolitan Assembly and not the MP since he is a law maker, however, these developments tell you how resourceful our hardworking and brilliant MP is.

    For the Astro Turf and the classroom block at Community 8, I understand he lobbied the Ghana Gas company for them,” he said.

    Another resident, Madam Grace Adjoa Asew, a businesswoman in the hospitality industry, also praised the MP for providing jobs for the youth and improving roads and drains in the constituency.

    “If you study, you realize that cyber fraud which is popularly known as ‘Sakawa’ is not that rampant in Tema central compared to other constituencies in Greater Accra; that is because the MP is constantly fighting tooth and nail for job openings for them at the many companies and factories within Tema,” she said.

    For youths who are entrepreneurial, she said, the MP has helped set some of them up with soft loans while those who are in school but from financially modest backgrounds have been helped with money for fees.

    Madam Grace Adjoa Asew also praised the MP for improving roads and health infrastructure in the constituency.

    On his part, Mr. Isaac Asare Addo, of the Valco Electoral area said “ the Tema Central MP, Yves Hanson Nii Noi Nortey, has within a short period of time, performed excellently well, he has helped many people in diverse ways and currently improving the drainage system in Tema Central”.

    Meanwhile Joseph Appenteng Kopple, another resident and a transport operator has praised the MP for being accessible and keeping in touch with constituents after his election.

    “In terms of his accessibility, I will say that school children benefit the most – our MP has instituted a programme in which he takes fun rides on trains with school children,”           Mr. Kopple said, adding that the MP has also made it a point to invite students from the constituency to Parliament to witness him representing the constituency.

    “As I speak to you now, it is a well-known fact that most delegates want to retain him.

     This is exactly what we the residents want. We want Hanson-Nortey back in parliament in 2024,” he said.

    Speaker after speaker including Taxi drivers, teachers of Community 8 Number 3 JHS and Mrs. Forgive Adede were full of praise for the resourceful and brilliant Tema Central MP, Yves Nii Noi Hanson Nortey, for his good works.

    Already, NPP delegates, including Bob Amiteye, Tema Coordinator of Civil Society organizations have said that delegates want to retain the Tema Central MP because of his brilliance, hard work, resourcefulness and God fearing nature.

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