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    Kuwait: African maid falls from 7th floor as her Arab boss laughs, refuses to help and takes her phone to record

    A maid who was filmed falling from the seventh floor of a building in Kuwait has said she was “trying to escape from the woman who tried to kill me”.

    A Kuwaiti national was reportedly detained after she recorded the Ethiopian domestic worker clinging onto the outside of a window ledge with one hand, screaming “hold me, hold me!”

    The unnamed worker then fell after her employer made no attempt to help, simply saying “Oh, crazy, come back”. The woman later posted the footage to social media.

    Despite the fall, the maid was able to walk away with just a broken arm and bleeding from her nose and ears after hitting a metal awning on the way down, according to the al-Seyassah newspaper.

    Below are how some social media users have reacted to the viral video…

    @Reviewheadoffice – I see these and I get so sad. If not for greedy African leaders, who would travel to work elsewhere to receive such inhumane treatments.

    Unervingserving music – That woman holding the camera needs to be arrested

    @Hamooudi7 – She even called her crazy before she falls down !! The woman recording must have sometninh to do with this

    Watch the video below to know more…

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