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    Fetish priest impregnates GH lady from Germany who came to seek help from him (Video)

    A young lady has accused a fetish priest she went to seek help from for impregnating her.

    As claimed by the lady who returned from Germany, even when she was abroad, she was sending Kwame Boakye, the fetish priest huge sums of money.

    She explained that the fetish priest once confessed to her that he has taken dominion over her soul hence she can’t refuse anything he requests from her.

    Fetish priest impregnates lady who came to seek help from him (Video)

    Upon her arrival in Ghana, she went to visit the fetish priest who told her to wait till evening because he wanted to cleanse her soul.

    He commanded her to follow her to a nearby river while she was naked and it was there that they had intercourse leading to her pregnancy.

    The lady claims she suspects she was charmed because she was just following the fetish priest’s orders like a person with no conscience of her own.

    Watch the video below to know more…

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