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    Blow-by-blow account of how renowned herbal doctor was found dead

    The circumstances surrounding the sudden death of 46-year-old Grace Boadu, a herbal doctor and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Grace Gift Herbal Clinic and Laboratory Services, with branches in Kumasi, Accra and other areas have generated public discussions.

    Grace Boadu was a herbal doctor who was well known in social media circles because of her public education on herbal medicine.

    She died on Monday, January 29, 2024 at her home at Tantra Hills in Accra.

    According to her uncle, Akwasi Addae, she reportedly fell in the bathroom at a time she was alone in the locked room.

    It was one of her staff, who discovered her lying in the bathroom on Monday morning.

    According to the staff, also a herbal doctor, she had just returned from South Africa on Sunday night [Jan 28, 2024].

    She went home with a taxi and had even requested that they should meet her at home with GH¢1000 since she had no money on her, to even pay the taxi driver who took her home from the airport.

    One of the nurses at the herbal clinic sent the money to her at home.

    According to the staff, she also requested for food on her way home from the airport and said she was hungry.

    The staff said they bought  from one of her favourite places for her.

    But when they arrived in the house with the food, she had already climbed upstairs to her room and the doors were locked.

    She did not respond when they knocked on the door and so the staff assumed she was asleep.

    They then decided to keep the food and wait till she woke up and requested for it.

    According to the staff, around 1am, when he also closed from work, he tried reaching her on phone and there was no response. He then went to the house and knocked on the door and there was still no response.

    He then reached out to her external family in Kumasi to inform them that, she had returned from South Africa and was in her room, with the doors locked and was not responding to calls around 1am to 2am.

    The staff claimed that he also went to sleep after the family concluded that she was probably tired and was sleeping.

    In the morning, when she was still not coming out of her room and was still not responding to phone calls, he claimed he used a ladder to climb and peeped through the window and found out she was not lying in her bed.

    He then opened the window forcefully and found her lying down naked in the bathroom.

    They then reported the incident to the police and when the police arrived, he claimed they forcefully opened the door and found out that, the door had been locked from the inside since the key was still in the key hole from the inside. 

    When they touched the body, it was cold he claimed. They rushed her to the Police Hospital in Accra, where she was pronounced dead.

    Uncle’s response

    An uncle of the late Grace Boadu, Akwasi Addae said she was not married and had never been married contrary to the public speculation.

    He also added that she had no child.

    She was a native of Ejisu Abankro in the Ashanti Region.

    She studied nursing at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and worked as a nurse for several years. 

    She entered herbal medicine and founded the Grace Gift Herbal Clinic.


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