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    Gabby’s prosperity dialogue under scrutiny

    Ghanaians, have been served with unsolicited public declarations of retirement from local politics by Gabby Okyere Darko, the gentleman many believe has been the architect of misgovernance in Ghana in the past seven years under his cousin’s Presidency.

    The unexpected announcement, has stirred controversy and speculation, especially given the timing and the allegations surrounding his role in various contentious deals and government affairs.

    His announcement, appears to be the climax of a choreographed media outing in recent times by Mr Okyere Darko to attempt to extricate himself from the mess of his cousin’s Presidency, particularly the contentious billions of dollars deals that bear his underground signatures, such as Ameri, Agyapa, PDS, Aker Energy and many others. This is in addition to the many state institutions and ministries believed to be micromanaged by him.

    These deals, marked by controversy, have raised questions about Okyere Darko’s influence and the extent of his involvement behind the scenes.

    Many Ghanaians, await the day of reckoning for the man who in opposition, pontificated good governance, abhorred kleptocracy, friends and family governance, sole sourcing, media manipulations and even joined the civil society to advance those virtues. However, when granted the opportunity to govern, he has become the worst culprit of those things he detested.

    All of these point to only one conclusion: jealousy and the opportunity to be rich at the state’s expense through smear campaigns against the NDC government.

    Having become a millionaire, the key frontman of the President, Nana Akufo-Addo, announced to the world that he was retiring from local politics; retiring 11 months before the end of his dynasty over Ghana. One NPP man asked. 

    Critics argue that Okyere Darko’s retirement is an attempt to evade accountability for decisions made during his cousin’s tenure, particularly concerning state institutions and ministries. The announcement also comes at a time when there is increasing public pressure for transparency and scrutiny of government actions.

    Of particular scrutiny is Okyere Darko’s recent organization of the Africa Prosperity Dialogue at the Peduase Presidential Lodge.

     The event, which took place two weeks ago at a state facility exclusively designated for the President’s use, has raised eyebrows and led to accusations of misuse of state resources for a private affair.

    Questions are also being asked about the funds spent on the programme, including travel arrangements, accommodation for guests, food expenses, among others.

    Surprisingly, he has been able to bewitch the entire country, particularly the media and civil society, to comatose over his excessive influence over the state without an official position. This is a government that refused to allow other citizens; the New Africa Foundation, in a typical mafia style, to use the Independence Square for a public event.

    The open, unsecured space, which on a typical day is occupied by birds and people with mental health conditions, could not be available to the New Force Foundation which invited into Ghana, Prof PLO Lumumba, Peter Obi, Julius Malema, and others to speak on key challenges confronting Africa’s development.

    The Foundation had paid GHc30, 000, as a user fee to the Presidency. But when Gabby needed the plush Peduase Lodge for his private use, the state machinery was detailed to act in awe with the President also in attendance with the President of Guyana, Dr Mohammed Irfaan Ali, whose country Gabby has been frequenting lately. 

    The Africa Prosperity Dialogue event at the Peduase Presidential Lodge was presented almost like a state event, and using the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AFCFTA) secretariat, assembled development agencies like the World Bank, the IMF, the UNDP, and others at the presidential villa for the prosperity of Africa Prosperity Network, and by extension the prosperity of Gabby and his family as the owner of the company limited by share and owned by his nuclear family. 

    “What could enable the average Ghanaian to imagine at this point if this was done by Ibrahim Mahama under an NDC government?” someone in the state protocol department asked. It is almost as if anything goes under Akufo Addo, he added. 

    The spell cast on the people appears to be cash. The belief is that the media is mute because Gabby has infiltrated the country’s key radio and television programmes. “In the newsroom, you can’t talk about Gabby; your editor won’t have that. Next thing, you get a call from Gabby to come over”, a worried reporter recounts his ordeal in the newsroom of one of the foremost media outlets. 

    The Herald, has been following how the private business of the President and his family, has been presented to the development philanthropy community as an independent organization to receive donations and grants for the organization of Gabby’s private business.

    We would be bringing the harrowing details of how organizations such as UNDP, AFCFTA Secretariat, the Ford Foundation and others, became victims to divert funds that should have gone to support the stats directly.


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