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    Where is Dr Bawumia? – Bernard Avle asks as he searches for leader to own up for Ghana’s economic mess

    General Manager of Citi FM nd Citi TV, Bernard Avle, has voiced significant concerns regarding the alignment of views within the Ghanaian government concerning fiscal policies.

    Mr Avle has highlighted the apparent dissonance between the ruling party and the government’s stance.

    Avle’s remarks came in response to recent statements from the national organizers of the ruling party, advocating for the reversal of the government’s latest tax initiative on electricity consumption. 

    Speaking on the Citi Breakfast show, Mr Avle noted that, “The party’s views about the fiscal policies and the government’s view of the fiscal policies are not the same.”

    Specifically, he referenced Nana B’s call to scrap the VAT on electricity, which subsequently prompted reports of the government’s agreement to do so. 

    “It’s more like the tail wagging the dog,” he said, emphasizing the unusual dynamic between the ruling party and the government.

    Bernard Avle’s concerns extended to the perceived lack of a central figure asserting leadership within the government. 

    Expressing uncertainty about where responsibility lies, he pondered whether it is the finance minister, the vice president, or the president himself. “Who has the ultimate gravitas in government now?” he asked during the morning show. 

    Highlighting the need for decisive action, Avle emphasized the absence of clear leadership amidst conflicting directives and calls for reshuffles within the government. He urged, “Somebody has to rise to the occasion and say, ‘Look, these kinds of policies are hurting the people.’”

    Avle’s remarks underscore the urgency for coherent governance and decisive leadership to address the challenges facing Ghana’s economy.


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