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    Free SHS is nothing but a scam – Blakk Rasta

    Ghanaian musician and radio personality Blakk Rasta has once again taken aim at President Akufo Addo‘s Free Senior High School (Free SHS) policy, labelling it as a deceptive educational scheme.

    In a recent broadcast on the Urban Blend show , Blakk Rasta vehemently criticised the policy, equating his dislike for it to his aversion to Satan.

    Blakk Rasta asserted that the Free SHS policy lacks coherence and practicality, emphasising that Independent Power Producers (IPPs) have incurred significant debt to maintain electricity supply for Ghanaians.

    “What kind of education are we giving to our children? Free SHS is nothing but a scam. What kind of education is ‘you go to school for one month and go and sit home for 13 months?’ Extra classes left, right, and center, milking the students night and day. Does this make common sense to you?”, Blakk Rasta stated.

    Additionally, he pointed to allegations made by former deputy minister for energy John Abdulai Jinapor, who claimed that the government requires $50 million USD to procure fuel, linking this financial strain to the ongoing power outages known as ‘dumsor.’

    The musician and commentator further argued that the Free SHS initiative is detrimental to Ghanaian students, asserting that it leads to prolonged periods of absence from school.

    He criticized the prevalence of extra classes that burden students and accused teachers and school administrators of exploiting students under the guise of providing additional education.

    Expressing his disdain for the current state of Free SHS, Blakk Rasta denounced the quality of education being offered, citing instances where students receive inadequate meals and likening the portions to “gas” due to their lightness.

    “I hate this [Free] SHS education the way it stands right now more than I hate Satan. You go to the school, and they give them kenkey and some soup. I heard some of the schools now call it ‘gas’ because when you put it there and open the lid, it’s like gas, very light. They put the head of the tilapia in there for twelve students to share. Is that your idea of free SHS?”

    He condemned the practice of sharing meagre food portions among multiple students and questioned the overall efficacy and fairness of the policy.


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