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    Event Organizers Chase Mr. Drew Over Kwawu Easter No show

    Organizers of a dance party show during the 2024 Easter celebration have announced intent to sue the headline artist for the show, Andrew Nii Commey Otoo, alias Mr. Drew, after he collected their money, but refused to turn up to perform.

    In a statement released to the press recently, Jamrok Bar and Events Center, said they are in talks with their lawyers about making the musician cough back every dime that he took for the, “EASTER DANCE PARTY WITH MR DREW,” event.

    “Lawyers of Jamrok bar and event center are also studying the narrations and will soon file a writ in court against Mr. Drew for the recovery of all expenses incurred in respect of the cancelled event and other related matters,” the statement said.  

    Dated April 2, 2024, the statement also profusely apologized to patrons who had gone for the event but had been disappointed because Mr. Drew had failed to hold up his part of the contract that was signed with him.

    According to the Management of Jamrok, the organizers booked Mr. Drew for the event and paid him 50% of his performance fee, with the remaining 50% to be paid when he arrived at the event grounds for the show. 

    Upon receiving the down payment, Mr. Drew made a video of himself confirming his participation in the event. On the day of the event, the artiste duly arrived and checked into his hotel room around 3pm, in the company of 3 other team members, and commenced to relax and get ready for the event in the evening. 

    “At around 12:30am, organizers were calling the artiste to come and perform but there was no response from his team, hence the organizers drove to the hotel and found out that they were fast asleep. After sometime, Mr. Drew and his team finally came out of the hotel and sat in their car and drove off.

    “Organizers followed up but later got to know that Mr. Drew drove past the event grounds and headed back to Accra, abandoning the event for which he had been paid.”

    The frustrated Management team condemned the unprofessional behaviour of Mr. Drew and vowed to have him punished for it. 

    “The management of Jamrok bar and event center wishes to condemn the behaviour of Mr. Drew and his team, and want to state that Jamrok will do everything within our legal frames to ensure that Mr. drew receives appropriate punishment for this act,” they vowed.

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