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    Osebo weeps uncontrollably, speaks for the first time amidst bed-ridden speculations

    Renowned Ghanaian fashion icon, Osebo the Zaraman, has made a notable return online after a long absence.

    Contrary to his usual lively presence online particularly in his shop where he usually entertains fans while advertising his goods, Osebo in a latest video has been captured engaging in a morning devotion, revealing a more introspective side of his personality.

    During an emotional moment shared online, although his face was not visible, Osebo was seen shedding tears while offering words of encouragement, declaring, “Take heart, everything will be alright.”

    Speculation about Osebo’s health had been circulating for some time, with reports suggesting that he had been grappling with a severe illness for several months.

    His close friend, Afia Schwarzenegger, had previously confirmed that he underwent surgery in Italy.

    In what appears to validate these rumors, Osebo was captured on Instagram live, tearfully addressing his followers, offering words of solace and reassurance.

    “I don’t know the hardships you are facing. I don’t know the challenges that have left you feeling hopeless. But I want you to know that God has not forsaken you. He loves you and works in mysterious ways. In due time, He will reveal His glory. (weeps and clears his nose). Sometimes God hides us to fix us, he wants to perfect everything that concerns us,” he affirmed.

    Before Osebo’s recent circumstances unfolded, there had been several prophecies about some attempts on his life.

    The Zara247 CEO entered a period of hibernation following the launch of his ‘Osebo Collection’ in January where guests including Dr. Osei Kwame Despite and many others were in attendance.


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