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    Season 2 of Nigerian film ‘Anikulapo’ to be shot in Ghana

    Nigerian movie Producer, Kunle Afolayan has disclosed that Season 2 of award-winning Nigerian movie, Anikulapo will be filmed in Ghana.

    Kunle Afolayan is also the producer of the award-winning movie, Anikulapo.

    This decision is in line with the National Film Authority’s (NFA) “Shoot in Ghana” initiative to make Ghana a hub of movie production.

    Graphic.com reports that Mr. Afolayan made the disclosure at the Nigeria International Film and TV Summit (NIFS) recently held in Cannes, France.

    The summit was attended by various film industry gurus and media personalities including the Chief Executive Officer of Ghana’s National Film Authority, Juliet Yaa Asantewaa Asante.

    Juliet Asante is the CEO of National Film Authority

    The CEO of the National Film Authority who mediated the deal noted that shooting a part of season 2 of Anikulapo in Ghana will revive and enhance the film relationship between Ghana and Nigeria.

    “This is an important development. The shooting of parts of Anikulapo in Ghana is a good opportunity to revive and enhance the film relationship between Ghana and Nigeria. Both countries stand to gain greatly from collaborating deeply and exploring each other’s markets and strengths,” she said.

    Miss Asante has been enforcing the “Shoot in Ghana” initiative by encouraging African filmmakers to shoot in Ghana.

    Anikulapo, which is Kunle Afolayan’s production in partnership with Netflix, was produced and shot by world renowned cinematographer Jonathan Kovel in 2022.

    It was produced and shot on 40 acres of land with all infrastructure and buildings all built from scratch to suit the production while also intending to make it a film village.

    The film has received many awards including winning the Overall Best Movie in Africa at the African Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards last year.

    The #Shoot in Ghana# campaign was launched two years ago and has seen many successes, including the much talked about Super Bowl advert released in February this year. Shooting Anikulapo will add to its initiative’s growing commitment.


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