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    Take inspiration from my story; I'm 'number one' in spite of vehement criticism – Wendy Shay

    Ghanaian Afropop and Highlife singer Wendy Shay has taken a swipe at her critics and simultaneously asked her fans to draw inspiration from her professional journey should they be discouraged. 

    Wendy made the utterances as she was ending her concert at the West Hills Mall, Weija, Greater Accra Region, Saturday, January 7, 2023.

    "I did today's show for you," Wendy noted with passion. "Because of you, I am at number 1 on Boomplay. That's the reason I did this show."

    "Forget social media hate, you people are the real fans," she stressed.

    "We used four days to organise this show," she revealed. 

    Addressing "haters" who may mock the fact that "it was a free show," to undermine the overwhelming attendance, she challenged: "Attempt a free show and let's see if even a little bird will show up."

    The seriel hitmaker entreated the crowd to take inspiration from her story.

    "When I came into this industry, some people said 'Wendy Shay doesn't know how to sing' and 'Wendy Shay is not talented'," she recalled. 

    "Some even said, 'Wendy Shay is not beautiful'," she added and showing disgust, invited the audience to take a good look at her voluptuous "body." She spun around, bent over, twerked and emphasised: "Look at this nyash [bottom]." 

    In fact, "I'm prettier than their wives and their girlfriends," she asserted on the 'Shay Concert' stage. The crowd and hypeman were ecstatic. "People who look like insults are insulting me."

    At this juncture, the 'Heaven' hitmaker, clad in glittering bum shorts, a push-up bra and elbow-length gloves, all black, instructed everyone who is "discouraged and downcast," to lift up their hands and make a spiritual declaration "repeating what I say."

    "Say, 'With God on my side, if Wendy Shay has been able to do it, I can equally do it!" she led as the crowd repeated her words in shouts.

    With this done, the Rufftown Records talent and self-acclaimed Queen of Ghana Music performed her September 2021 megahit 'Heat' featuring Shay Gang.   

    Wendy has been named Ghana's most streamed female artiste on Africa's biggest audio streaming platform, Boomplay, for the year 2022. She garnered more than 30.9 million streams from more than 2 million listeners.

    The data was collated between Mondays, November 1, 2021 and October 31, 2022.

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