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    Ghana Gas plunged into boardroom wrangling over US$900 million deal

    Reports reaching The Herald, indicate that workers of the Ghana Gas Company are backing their Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr Ben Asante, against their board chairman, Kennedy Ohene Agyapong.

    This, follows claims that Mr Agyapong, is pushing a multimillion-dollar deal on the institution, and the workers and some board members, fear this could pose criminal issues in the future.

    The Herald’s information is that, the development has led to a major boardroom dispute at the Ghana Gas Company over the contract valued at nearly US$900 million.

    According to some workers, there was a near physical altercation between Dr Ben Asante and the board chairman, Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, on Wednesday, during a board meeting.

    The Assin Central MP, reportedly became furious, slamming his hands on the board table and calling the CEO “stupid,” among other unprintable words.

    The CEO, insisted on ensuring that the transaction went through stringent procurement requirements, while Ken Agyapong, sought to bypass certain procedures.

    The MP, insisted on pushing the deal through with the CEO’s signature and addressing other matters later, a suggestion Dr Asante rejected, which angered the erratic board chairman.

    Most board members, are said to have sided with the CEO, much to the chagrin of Mr Agyapong, who is reportedly set to gain $50 million, if the deal goes through.

    The workers’ union is reportedly supporting the CEO in this matter.


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