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    ‘That’s rubbish’ – Dr Lawrence Tetteh denies claim of impregnating someone’s wife

    Rev. Dr. Lawrence Tetteh, President of the World Miracle Outreach Church, has announced his determination to take legal action against former Net2 TV presenter Kwaku Annan.

    This decision comes after Annan made a series of false allegations against the renowned pastor in a viral video, including claims that Rev. Tetteh impregnated someone’s wife in London.

    Kweku Annan of Net 2

    “That is rubbish, that is not journalism. Legal action will be taken. Those behind these claims are either vindictive, hired to spread falsehoods, or simply seek to tarnish my hard-earned reputation,” he asserted passionately.

    Rev. Tetteh emphasised his resolve to confront the issue head-on, stating, “Enough is enough, the nonsense must stop. I will do everything possible to put an end to this stupidity and foolishness. Defamation and malicious intent cannot be tolerated.”

    Calling for professional standards in media reporting, Rev. Tetteh urged the Ghana Journalist Association and the National Media Commission to intervene. “I think it’s about time the Ghana Journalist Association and the National Media Commission sanitise the system; otherwise, people will lose the love, respect, and dignity they have for the media,” he said, highlighting the need to preserve respect and trust in Ghanaian media.

    Hear more from him in the video below and share your thoughts with us.


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