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    I have been targetted for an arrest – Nigel Gaisie

    Prophet Nigel Gaisie has been vocal about what he terms a deliberate attack by the Ghana Police Service led by the Inspector General of Police, Dr George Akuffo Dampare on prophets in the country.

    According to the leader of the Prophetic Hill Chapel, he has been marked for arrest. All these he disclosed are part of efforts to silence him and the work of God in Ghana.

    “Am very aware of me, being a target of arrest, am well informed about that but i always say, for how long can u caged me for speaking the mind of God…I will even get more anointings for my higher level…The CHEEK…If you don’t hear from God, some of us do and God STILL SPEAKS,” he wrote in a recent Facebook post.

    The popular man of God also spoke about the alleged schemes and plans by police to gag prophets of the gospel.

    He lamented how some Christians have backed the move instead of standing against the ‘attacks’.

    “Prophecies, Prophecies, I repeat can never be GAG OR CONTROLLED IN ANY HUMAN FORM OR ORDER BUT IN THE CONTEXT OF SCRIPTURES ONLY…..You can never no better about prophecies if you have never operated in it as an office before, maybe, be humble and call those who operate deeply in it to educate you for better understanding or appreciation*my mother once told me,*Kobby, the enemy of a Christian is indeed a Christian *I cry for the next Christian generation but GOD DEY!! You see an occult calling all prophets FAKE and Christians are applauding him,” parts of his post read.

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