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    Night clubs in Kenya face closure and WhatsApp groups could help save them

    • The Nairobi county government has begun shutting down bars and clubs as a result of noise pollution.
    • The Bar Hotels Liquor Traders Association of Kenya (BAHLITA) is putting measures in place to reduce the pollution.
    • The crack down on bars and clubs could have a devastating impact on the Kenyan economy. 

    About 3900 nightclubs face closure in Kenya following the government’s directives.

    These clubs and bars face closure owing to noise complaints across the capital city of Nairobi. The closures could cause the loss of around 256,000 jobs.

    The Nairobi county government has seized licenses of nightclubs operating in residential areas.

    However, the Bar Hotels Liquor Traders Association of Kenya (BAHLITA) has noted that development of new mechanisms that will help save their members' businesses from closure is being implemented.

    Boniface Gachoka, BAHLITA’s secretary general disclosed that the association has come up with several ways, including the appointment of a professional environmentalist who will help bars follow the set guidelines by the government.

    He also noted that the association has established an online platform that will host key players in the association, and help control their businesses effectively.

    “On a matter of urgency, we have told our members to create a WhatsApp group that will have the bar owners, managers, Djs and also the residents so that we are able to solve these issues in haste, and prevent the same from repeating itself,” Gachoka said.

    “We urge all residents, should there be a complaint on any bar, kindly reach out to BAHLITA. By Posting these issues on the WhatsApp group, the bar owners association will be able to respond quickly to solve the matter,” he added.

    Speaking further on the turn of events, Gachoka noted that the closure of bars and clubs is counter productive to the government’s goal of creating more jobs, adding that the association would do its best to maintain workable relations with the country’s administration.

    “I know the government has no plans to close businesses nor create job loss. The President said that anyone who creates employment is his friend and we are working on maintaining the friendship,” Gachoka said.

    The bars and restaurant lobby says that the government will lose close to Sh22 billion annually if the crackdown continues.


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