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    What Prophet Badu Kobi said about Daddy Lumba and Ampong’s feud

    An old video of Glorious Wave International Chapel founder, Prophet Badu Kobi, reacting to Daddy Lumba and Great Ampong’s feud has resurfaced on social media.

    In the wake of Ampong and Daddy Lumba’s resurrected feud, the said video, which captures Prophet Badu Kobi’s interesting submissions about the development, has been in circulation.

    In an interview with Delay in 2017, Prophet Badu Kobi touched on how he advised both parties to let sleeping dogs lie.

    It can be recalled that Daddy Lumba and Ampong’s controversies first started in Prophet Badu Kobi’s church, as it was in his auditorium that the musicians held their controversial ‘Hosanna’ album launch.

    The proceeds from the event, which Daddy Lumba allegedly bolted with, was first counted at the church’s control room.

    However, in excerpts of Prophet Badu Kobi’s interview on Delay TV, he established that he advised both parties to let sleeping dogs lie.

    Prophet Badu Kobi who is somewhat a spiritual father to the two musicians asked that Lumba be made to share his side of the story before conclusions are drawn.

    “I called all of them. Daddy Lumba and Ampong. Even Ampong’s wife was part of that meeting. We spoke and resolved everything. I was expecting that they comply with everything we agreed on and that did not happen. I told Ampong and Daddy Lumba that they should forget about the money issues and move on. Is Ampong saying that without that money his life won’t go on?

    “I sat down with them and listened to everyone’s side of the story and when you compare it to the rumours out there, there is a difference. If you listen to their individual stories Ampong is right and Daddy Lumba is also right. Make sure you listen to Daddy Lumba’s side of the story before you draw conclusions,” he said.

    Watch the video below:


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