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    Messi’s PSG contract renewal imminent

    ‘Sport’ reports Leo Messi’s new contract at PSG is close to happening. The Argentine will renew his contract for one or two seasons at the French club after he did not receive any firm offers. Barcelona, the club to have been linked most with the Argentinian, did not even consider the possibility of bringing him back.

    Unless there is a surprise at the last minute, Leo Messi will renew at PSG. The Argentine’s contract expires in the summer and, after the Qatar World Cup, some media outlets highlighted the possibility of him not staying at the Parc des Princes, but ‘Sport’ denies this is true with a post which takes for greanted that the former Barcelona man will sign for one or two seasons in Ligue 1.

    The main reason is that the number 30 has not received a firm offer from everyone apart from PSG to renew. Barcelona, who publicly flirted with the idea of bringing back Messi, never had enough money to carry it out. That is understandable given the figures that would have been involved in the deal. 

    Another option that was talked about was him moving to the USA to play in the MLS. A report in the American press did not take long to go viral and that gave MLS fans hope of seeing the star close up. The most likely outcome is that the World Cup winner stays in France for longer. He reached his peak during the World Cup in Qatar.

    It would be ideal for PSG to complete Leo Messi’s new contract soon because they went for him when he left Barcelona and he is a key player in their project. The aim, as always, is to win the Champions League. They have yet to satisfy Kylian Mbappe’s ambitions and the striker has been in the headlines in recent months as he is reportedly not 100% happy in Paris. 


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