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    Over 60% of drivers pay bribes to avoid police harassment – Report

    Research conducted by an independent, non-commercial organisation, Young Africans for Opportunities (YAFO), has shown that more than 60% of Ghanaian drivers pay bribes as a way of avoiding police harassment.

    Contained in the report called the YAFO ‘Driver Mo’ showed that 66.7% of drivers said it was easier for them to give money to the police so that they are not extensively harassed about their licenses or their vehicle insurance.

    The report also showed that some 8.3% of drivers said they talked their way out of such situations.

    Speaking during the launch of the report in Accra, the president of YAFO, Nathaniel Dwamena, said that the research was conducted as a way of improving the insurance sector.

    He also explained that the findings showed that a lot of drivers expressed unhappiness with respect to comprehensive insurance, seeing that it is expensive.

    He also explained that the research proved that, in the overall scope of things, insurance regulations are more favourable to the insurance companies and the National Insurance Commission than they are to their clients.

    Nathaniel Dwamena, therefore, indicated that there is a need for insurance companies to provide better and more innovative services in response to the needs of the average car owners in the country.

    The report also recommended some things, including the need for vehicle insurance providers to provide incentives that promote good driving, the need for the issuance of insurance stickers to be digitized, and the abolishment of third-party comprehensive insurance.

    The report also recommended an end to police harassment of drivers on the roads.

    Read the full report below:


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