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    You’re A Beast – Captain Smart Descends On Deacon Nimako For Chopping Small Small Girls

    Captain Smart has descended on the man of the moment, Deacon Ernest Kwesi Nimako, of Deborah Seyram Adablah fame.

    Smart slammed the former First Atlantic Bank Chief Finance Officer (CFO) who is in the news after being sued by Deborah, his former sugar baby.

    The duo were in a relationship and the man was lavishing her with gifts, but he stopped after they ran into difficulties – Deborah wants the High Court to force Nimako to fulfil his promises!

    Reacting to the news, Captain Smart slammed Nimako, calling him a fool and a beast.

    According to the Onua TV presenter, any man who seeks s*x from ladies before helping them is an animal.

    He called for the wrath of God to descend on such people.

    Fans were furious, calling Smart a hypocrite for his attacks on Nimako.

    According to comments, he has done worse than the Deacon and is now pretending to be holier-than-thou just because his case isn’t in the public domain!

    Watch Smart’s tirade below with interspersed with some critical comments from fans…


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