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    James Enu is the best for Tema West - NDC executives

    A group of National Democratic Congress branch executives in the Tema West Constituency of the Greater Accra Region, are clamouring for the election of law don, James Enu, as the party’s parliamentary candidate for that constituency.

    Over the weekend, the executives released a statement that called on the party’s delegates to massively vote for Lawyer Enu, as he is affectionately called, in order to put the NDC’s best foot forward in the upcoming parliamentary elections in that constituency which is a notorious stronghold of the ruling New Patriotic Party.

    “Tema West has been a hard nut to crack for us because this constituency has long been an important stronghold for the NPP.

     However, there is evidence on the ground that the people are warming up to Lawyer Enu who has used his two previous contests to sell a better agenda to them,” the statement partly said.

    It was signed by Mr. Joe Kwei, an executive of the Tema West branch, on behalf of his colleagues.It added that, “this time, there is real hope because the people have seen the atrocious performance of not only the NPP government, but the dishonourable performance of their MP, Carlos Kingsley Ahenkorah.”

    The NDC is rumoured to be preparing to hold its presidential and parliamentary primaries in May, 2023 and in Tema West, Lawyer Enu, who has previously contested for the seat is the most marketed among whoever will contest for the parliamentary ticket.

    Meanwhile, the NPP’s MP for the constituency, Carlos Ahenkorah, has been widely assessed as appalling in office, having already been the architect of some serious scandals in the legislature during the take-off of the eighth parliament.

    Making a clarion call on the party’s delegates to elect him, the party executives pointed out that lawyer Enu is, “already well marketed, experienced and a man who has really paid his dues to the party both in cash and in kind.We cannot even begin to count the number of times that he has offered free lawyerly assistance to the party.”

    The executives added that lawyer Enu will additionally be easy to market to voters because of his background as a lawyer and the scandals that the NPP’s sitting MP, Carlos Ahenkorah, who stole and chewed ballot papers in Parliament, has been embroiled in.

    “Parliament is for lawmaking and therefore very suitable for a lawyer like James Enu who we can assure will not misbehave like Carlos Ahenkorah when he goes to Parliament,” the statement said.

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