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    Enough of the nonsense, I’m out! -Sheldon backs out of feud with Shatta Wale

    Popular Ghanaian YouTuber, Kwadwo Sheldon, has unilaterally ended his feud with dancehall musician, Shatta Wale.

    Earlier on Twitter, Shatta called for the arrest of Kwadwo Sheldon after what started as a banter, turned into a heated exchange on the social media platform.

    The dancehall artiste premised his ‘call for arrest’ on what he described as the persistent insults and disrespect being hurled at him by the content creator.

    “… you still have guts to talk to me anyhow you want,” he wrote in one of his rants.

    Shatta, who has alleged being cyberbullied by Kwadwo Sheldon, took to Twitter to draw the police’s attention.

    He also vowed to take the law into his own hands If Sheldon’s disrespect persists.

    “Ghana police what this boy is doing on the internet is called cyberbullying and if you pretend not to see this one too then I will beat him properly so I can be arrested


    But Kwadwo Sheldon after repeated fightbacks responded to Shatta’s rants and has vowed never to associate himself with anything that has got to do with him.

    Sheldon established that it is the last time he will ever create content off the dancehall artiste.

    “And this is the last time I Dey say or create any content about him! I’m done! Enough of this nonsense! I’m out,” his tweet read.


    Kwadwo Sheldon and Shatta Wale’s fight started during the Meek Mill-Jubilee house saga.

    Sheldon lambasted Shatta Wale for describing all who criticized Meek Mill and the president as villagers.

    Kwadwo Sheldon has since ‘picked on’ Shatta the least chance he gets and he often tackles the dancehall artiste on his YouTube channel where he monetizes the content.

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