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    Akufo-Addo must apologise to Ghanaians – KSM

    Kwaku Sintim-Misa (KSM), a comedian and television broadcaster, has requested that President Akufo-Addo apologize to the people of Ghana for the economic catastrophe that they are now experiencing.

    In a myjoyonline.com report, the renowned comedian claimed that Ghanaians have lost the plot when it comes to managing the country’s issues.

    “The president should come and tell us that we are in a big mess and that ‘we are sorry.’ We created this mess. The mess didn’t come from anywhere; our pettiness drove us this far,” he said.

    KSM also outlined a few ways the government might lessen Ghanaians’ burdens.

    “The first step is to eliminate ex gratia… ex gratia from now to, say, five years is being eliminated.” Let us cut down the number of people at the presidency to let the people know that we are in a mess,” KSM further stated.

    Meanwhile, in December 2022, KSM expressed frustration that leaders don’t think through their plans thoroughly and that affects its citizens. This was in response to the announcement that road tolls would be reinstated by Kwasi Amoako-Atta.

    Speaking with GhanaWeb’s Doreen Abanema Abayaa, KSM said the roads minister to stop the collection of road tolls because he thought the government could maximize revenue through the E-Levy.

    “I’m a much, much, older person, and this is part of my frustrations in this country, that to date, we are not going to sit down and do things after we think them through thoroughly. Everything we do is a ‘knee jerk reaction’…

    “Even when he (roads minister) was describing the road tolls, he talked about how it was not going to create traffic jams and it was going to be digitised,” KSM argued.

    Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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