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    ‘Family is a union between woman and man’ – Putin blasts West over LGBTQ+

    Russian President Valdimir Putin has lashed out at the West over their cultural values with respect to same-sex marriages.

    Putin holds that allowing such marriages and relationships amounted to destruction of the institution known as family.

    He is also concerned about what he calls perversions with regards to children and of priests being forced to bless same-sex unions.

    “They’re destroying the institution of family, their cultural-historical identity, and various perversions with regards to children.

    “Priests are forced to recognize and officiate same-sex weddings. The family is a union between woman and man,” he said in a national broadcast.

    The West has accepted same-sex unions and have traditionally asked other conservative societies like Africa and Asia to amend laws to reflect same.

    Ghana for instance is currently considering an anti-LGBTQ Bill that aims among others to criminalize the act along its promotion and advocacy.


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