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    Afoko trial: If I knew those who killed late Adams Mahama, I would have pointed them out

    Alangi, the second person accused of murdering Adams Mahama, former Upper East Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has denied the charge.

    He told prosecutors during cross-examination that if he knew the killers of Adams Mahama, he would have disclosed their identities.

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    State Attorney put it to the accused person that he was not on good terms with Adams prior to his death but the accused person denied and stated that Late Mahama was like a father to him who even fed him, paid his children’s school fees, adding that there was no problem between them.

    “If I knew those who killed the late Adams Mahama, I would point them out.

    A week to the day acid was poured on late Mahama, Paul Afoko, former chairman and Kwabena Agyapong, former Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), came to Bolgatanga where they lodged at a hotel.

    Some youth attacked them at the hotel and that was when someone gave my number to the Chairman, as I did not know him because I belonged to the camp of late Mahama, he said.

    He asked me to plead with my boss,” to allow the chairman and secretary to sleep at the hotel, so together with two others, we went to late Adams to allow them to sleep there.

    Later, I joined Gregory Afoko , Baba and two others and we left for the hotel where we met some youth armed with cutlasses and sticks, saying that when he alighted from Gregory’s car, he went to the late Mahama who questioned the accused as to why he was seated behind Gregory.”

    Late Mahama explained that Gregory’s brother was Paul who had come to “spoil” their votes.

    According to the accused person, the next day, Mahama contacted one Sheik and asked him to repair his shed for him which had been destroyed by a rainstorm. It was then that Gregory came around and his brother (Paul) said he wanted to see those who attacked them the previous night.

    The then chairman enquired from the youth who responded to his call, why they attacked them, stating that it was Strongman who claimed that late Mahama had told them the former Chairman and Secretary had come to “spoil” their votes.

    Accused said the former Chairman told them that they went there to congratulate the Member of Parliament for Tumu as well as greet the chief in the area.

    The former Chairman gave us money and promised us other things when he returns, the accused person narrated, noting that he also told the youth to exercise patience and forget whatever had happened.

    Counsel put it to the accused that Paul Afoko met the youth when he visited Bolga in 2015 but the accused said it was after the incident.

    “Paul Afoko cannot summon the youth, the youth there were all in Mahama’s camp,” he said, stressing that after receiving the money, some were contemplating forming another group but remained resolute that they already belonged to the late Mahama.”

    The Prosecutor asked whether late Adams knew about the meeting but Alangi, the accused, said no, he told him afterwards and he warned him not to attend such meetings.

    Late Mahama also accused me of taking a bribe from Paul Afoko and warned me not to call him again but I went back to him to plead for forgiveness.

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