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    Stella Aba Seal recounts how she was almost ‘killed’ during surgery

    Ghanaian gospel singer, Stella Aba Seal has recounted an instance where she almost lost her life through the negligence of doctors during surgery at a hospital.

    Describing the incident as a ‘very bad memory’, Stella Seal said she went in for fibroid surgery but things took the wrong turn from the very start.

    The gospel singer, who withheld the hospital’s name said the doctors commenced the surgery when the anesthesia had not taken effect.

    Narrating her ordeal on the surgical bed, Ms. Seal said her lower abdomen had been already slashed and it was her screams that alerted the surgeons that she could feel every pain.

    “I almost died during my first surgery. I had fibroid and during surgery, they wanted to inject me to sleep completely but I requested to be numbed instead. They injected me but they did not wait for it to take effect. They proceeded and slashed my lower abdomen, then I started screaming. Then the surgeon shouted and said he is sorry but at that time, I had been already been cut.

    “He then asked the anesthesiologists to inject me again but I was screaming out loud that they shouldn’t put me to sleep. My best friend’s mother died through fibroid operation so such thoughts kept playing in my head. They never heeded my request and all I saw was that I was injected.

    I was completely dazed. They took me to the ward after the surgery and things got worse. I almost died twice. It is a bad memory. I can’t ever forget. They came pushing things down there and I asked what they were doing. They told me they were pushing my womb back,” she recalled in an interview with Zionfelix.

    The ’Gyeme taataa’ hitmaker, however, stated that she intended to sue the hospital but was advised to rescind her decision.

    “I don’t want to mention the hospital but I wanted to sue them. We are a country where we love to allow sleeping dogs lie,” she added.


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