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    “Looks like he’s in his early hundreds” – Michael Blackson shades Tinubu

    Ghanaian-Liberian actor Michael Blackson believes newly-elected Nigerian President Tinubu is too old to serve as president.

    He made this observation following photos and videos of Tinubu struggling to deal with the extremities of old age in public.

    Comparing him to President Biden of the United States, Michael Blackson concluded that Tinubu was overly old and looked quite incapable.

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    In a tweet, he intimated that Tinubu looked like someone in his early 100s and thus could not fathom why Nigerians would replace President Buhari with him.

    Who’s older Biden or Nigeria’s new President? That Modasucka looks like he’s in his early hundreds

    Some of the comments were as follows:

    Danjumar wrote: No Nigerian knows his real age ,schools attended or even real parents . he is an unmitigated Fraud . he is more likely over 80 years old .

    Ade Razak wrote: We didn’t choose that man. They heavily rigged that election. Peter Obi is our President and he was heavily rigged.

    T.God wrote: He is in his late 200s or so we think..he is older than Biden.. I mean Biden has been alive since like world war 1.. this man was part of Christopher Columbus crew

    Bolow wrote: It pains me as a Ghanaian that nigeria choose that man.

    Many Nigerians do not agree with the election results as they blame the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for electoral manipulation.


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