Did Iceberg Slim shade ex-girlfriend, Juliet Ibrahim with this post?

We don’t know why celebrities throw shades at each other when their relationship fails instead of moving on and opening a new chapter in their lives.

It’s has been almost a year since the beautiful love story between our own Juliet Ibrahim and her rapper boyfriend from Nigeria, Iceberg Slim crashed.

Since then, they have indirectly been hurling shots at each other and today it’s the turn of Iceberg to cut his pound of flesh. The actress has disclosed in a previous interview to JoyNews that she has done a lot of crazy things for Iceberg in the name of love.

Perhaps that’s why it still pains her that the relationship did not go the way she expected it. So Iceberg shared a photo of two lions lying side-by-side all loved up with the caption, ‘This could be us, but you are a cheetah.’

Could it be a jab to Juliet, a reminder of what she has missed because she cheated? You guess is as good as mine.

Recently Juliet shared photos of her personal recently on Instagram sparking dating rumours. Her personal trainer is Ahmad Taher, a 26-year-old Lebanese man based here in Ghana.

His Instagram page has so many fitness photos and videos that’ll make anyone drool even more.


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