Disregard calls for a sit-down strike – Commercial transport operators told

The Ghana Road Transport Coordinating Council (GRTCC) is urging all commercial transport operators in the country to disregard calls from some transport unions to embark on a sit-down strike from Monday, December 6, 2021.

Some transport operators on Friday, December 4, 2021, served notice to the public that they will embark on a sit-down strike as part of measures aimed at compelling government to reduce fuel prices.

The group with the umbrella name, Coalition of Private Transport Operators, accused government of not heeding to their concerns after three consecutive meetings, cautioning that their decision will never be reversed until government is ready to reach a consensus with them.

A representative of the Coalition of Private Transport Operators, Abass Imoro, is quoted as saying by Citi News, same of which was reported by “apart from coming out with the reduction we are asking from which we know is possible, there is nothing to change our mind. Anything less than reducing fuel prices around GH₵1.5 or at least GH₵1.2, we won’t rescind this decision”.

However, the GRTCC says the calls for a sit-down strike by the commercial transport operators is uncalled for since it’s still in the process of addressing their concerns, having first, ceased the collection of road and bridges tolls, and with all indications pointing to a reduction in fuel prices.

In a statement released by the Executive Body of the GRTCC and signed by its General Secretary, the Council said “Indeed, the 2022 Budget Statement and Economic Policy of Government announced the cessation of the collection of road and bridges toll. Though no specific mention was made on the removal of taxes on petroleum products, it is worthy to note that the fuel prices have started to decline from as high as GH₵6.99/litres to GH₵6.80 and even much lower by some Oil Marketing Companies. Following meetings with the Hon. Minister for Transport and the Energy Minister, we have been assured of further reductions”.

According to the statement, the call to government to scrap the taxes was basically to bring down fuel prices so as to avoid further increase in transport fares.

The GRTCC further noted that even though the 2022 Budget is yet to be approved by Parliament, the cessation of road and bridges tolls have brought some major relief to transport operators and commuters.

The GRTCC believes that “there is no justification to embark on a sit-down strike. The Ghana Road Transport Coordinating Council believes, government has expressed good faith and we can only urge government to do more to meet the aspirations of transport operators by bringing the fuel prices down. Members are therefore being called upon to disregard the call to embark on the strike action. The Council is still in talks with government to bring finality to the issues under discussion”.


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