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DIY sumptuous homemade snacks for Christmas

It’s a few weeks to Christmas and you are probably thinking about ways to entertain guests while cutting down cost.

Yes, it’s absolutely normal to receive tonnes of family members and friends during the impending Christmas season.

Before you give up on making your own quick and sumptuous small chops for the yuletide, read further for some brilliant ideas that is healthy and easy on your pocket.

Butter cookies, cupcakes, chips are usually enjoyed by persons old and young.

The good thing about making snacks at home is that you get to prepare it with fresh natural ingredients in moderate quantities.

This way, you are sure you’re treating your family and guests with healthy options instead of junk foods on the shelves.

If you’re willing to give homemade cookies and others snacks a shot, watch videos below to learn how to make cookies, cupcakes and chips!

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