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Do you remember when Grandma used to pick up red hot charcoal from coal pot? – McBrown asks Celeb guest

Ace actress Nana Ama McBrown has brought back memories from traditional kitchen era, when grandma used to pick red hot charcoal from the coal pot with her naked fingers as though it doesn’t burn.

If you were the kind of girl who was close to mum or grandma at the kitchen in the early 90’s, you may possibly have seen this tactic before.

But thanks to modernization and the introduction to Liquified Petroleum Gas, LPG, this trend has totally phased out.

Truth be told, it was not as if mothers and grandmothers at the time had hands made from iron, but the entire experience was done so quickly that, they barely felt the full effect of the hot coal.

Though, this fire picking tactic is not one of the cultures to learn from in our current times, recounting that experience is one that gets women from that era nostalgic.

That is why it is refreshing to hear Nana Ama McBrown tell us about the tough times for African woman decades ago.

Well, lessons learnt from the experience is that, women from the past braved through tough times to make the home a happy place for the children and the husband. Today’s woman does not have to stress through lighting charcoal before cooking. All the modern day family desire it a home filled with good aroma of food, peace and love.

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