Does the United Nations has the moral right to preach democracy?

It is said that, he who seeks for equity must come with clean hands. The mampurisi people of Northern Ghana have a saying that, “if your house and that of your neighbor engulfed in fire ?, the wisest thing to do is to quenched yours first before you extend a helping hand to your neighbor.”

There is no doubt that democracy has proven to be best and inclusive form of governance, and its principles and tenets are worth preaching and championing. However, it is natural and morally befitting of those who preach or intend to preach these values, principles, and tenets to come with clean hands that are worth emulating.

The UN over the years has championed democracy and its associated principles and tenets in member state and also foster world peace which is a primary driving force for establishing a democratic rule and inclusive governance.

But, the question is, do we have to swallow hook, line and sinker or embrace the democracy evangelism of the United Nations when its structural and organizational formation is not democratic enough?.

The organization has been in existence for over seventy years, and have engaged in democracy evangelism and its twin sister peace and unity.

The efforts of the united nation towards propagating democracy and maintaining of world peace and security can not be qualified by any unit of measurement and the world is thankful and grateful for its services.

During the last session of the United nations, speakers upon speakers especially Africa leaders call for outright reforms in the structures of the organization, which shows that there is a strong need for change and change in the organization structure is a necessity.

We as Africans can not continue to hold to the spectator position and it is time for us to be come members of the UN, and the time is now. We acted as spectators for far too long and the time for structural reforms in the UN is important if not a necessity.

The organization can not continue to operate with these structures and expect its democracy campaign message to be bought wholly.

Rasheed Goorah

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