Domelevo has personalised Auditor-General’s office – Buaben Asamoa

The Communications Director for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) says the Auditor-General, Daniel Yao Domelevo has personalised the institution he serves which is worrying.

He explained on the Super Morning Show, Thursday, that Mr Domelevo has created the impression that he, the Auditor-General is the only one who can solve the country’s corruption conundrum and that without him corruption cannot be fought.

“Where we are now the crux of his public engagement is that he as a person is being prevented from fighting corruption by a guilty government,” the Adenta MP said of the Auditor-General’s positioning towards the media.

JoyNews/AdomNews · Domelevo has personalised Auditor-General’s office – Buaben Asamoa

The MP said if Mr Domelevo truly believes that he is the only one capable of ending corruption in the country, then he has not been a good leader because a good leader is one who will be confident enough to leave office when it is time to do so with a stronger institution than he came to meet it.

“If indeed Domelevo is the only one who can run the Audit Service and finish with corruption in Ghana then it’s a sorry situation for the institution he has led,” he said. 

“Because in my mind the most effective leader is the one who is able to disappear into the sunset with what he left behind stronger than he came to meet it.”

The Auditor-General who was ordered to go on leave by the President, had been locked out of his office when he tried to go in for some documents.

The move to change the locks of his office has since been criticised.

Mr Buaben Asamoa, however, beleives Mr Domelevo has been making a fuss about his office being shut and that it is just a way of adding to the personal drama the Auditor-General has created.

“He’s personalising that office. And he is personalising it in a way that creates the impression that it’s all about him,” he said.

“The auditor general’s office is an institution that ensures anti-corruption. An institution that helps the state and just like the state is not personal, the Auditor-General’s office is not personal,” he stressed.

He added that Mr Domelevo’s position would not be Auditor-General forever, as well as everyone else who works for the institution.

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